Google advertising

Benefits of Google Advertising

What is your business goal? Do you want to make more traffic on your website and increase online sales? Have you launched a start-up or web application that needs to be promoted? If your answer is yes, then our expert team can help you. We combine technical skills and creative decisions in order to achieve your business goals.

Google advertising allows you to attract new visitors on your website, increase online sales, get more calls, or encourage users to return.

Google search

With Google Search Ads, customers see your first-page ad on Google Search only when they search for products or services that you are offering, based on the keywords you choose.

In this case, you pay only clicks, i.e. actual visits to your website, or when your customers call your business phone.

Google display

Google Display allows you to reach more users on the web and apps on all types of devices. Through Google Display Network, the cost per impression is up to 10 times lower than the premium advertising price on the other web portals. In addition, Google provides more targeting options to reach a targeted audience who will see your ad.

Google remarketing

Google Remarketing allows you to display your online ads to people who have visited your website and make certain actions on it; In this way, you can create personalized and precisely targeted campaigns that will increase the conversion rate.

Our specialized team will make a detailed analysis to determine which type of ads is the most suitable for online promotion of your brand. Request an offer and we will contact you with a solution that fits your business best.