About us

Digital Marketing Agency

Online communication is the future of marketing

Online advertising budgets are constantly increasing at the expense of traditional media such as television, radio, outdoor and print. What caused such trends are the advantages of online advertising - measurement, transparent reporting and cheaper prices. The main reason for the shift in marketing focus is the change of users’ behavior; they spend more time on their smartphones, tablets and computers unlike older generations who used to spend most of their time watching TV.

Specialized Skills

Our business is based on a couple of key skills which we are constantly developing and improving in order to improve our clients’ business with their minimum engagement and optimal use of the budget for communication and advertising.


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Why choose us?


Over 9 years of experience in IT

Technical knowledge is a must in modern business world. We gained our experience and improved our knowledge through a large number of projects and campaigns which we have implemented for companies from different industries such as finance, sales, car industry etc.


Dedicated consultants

Our team consists of people who share the same enthusiasm for technology and advertising platforms. We are very young and we practically grew up with the development of modern technologies such as Google and Facebook.


Google partner

Obtaining the status of Google partner requires meeting a set of very strict criteria prescribed by Google, the most powerful company in the world. It implies having an expertise in the field, meeting ad spend requirement as well as using good marketing practices.


Facebook partner

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner means having Facebook’s direct media support; to earn such status, a company must be excellent in its field. Lilium has demonstrated its excellence and thus earned Facebook Marketing Partner badge. Since Facebook has over two billion active users, having Facebook’s support in daily advertising is of vital importance.